But we will treat you like family….that is my motto when I meet people who take a Cozumel Food Tour with me or want to spend time cooking with me for a Culinary Technique Class. I find that when you provide a personal experience you not only open up the possibility to meeting wonderful, interesting people, but people truly will appreciate the experience that they paid for. No regrets!

This tiny island in the depths of all the “cattle” tour operators, cruise ship excursions, and mish-mash of someone trying to sell you something there still exists local businesses and individuals who care about the way you experience Cozumel.

Marcos is one such individual. Though not born a Cozumeleno, Marcos has lived and played in Cozumel for the past 10 years. He was educated in the US, but returned to Cozumel for diving (yes, certainly a phrase that comes to mind when I think of Cozumel…divers paradise, this is NOT just another cruise ship port people!! This island has a lot to offer, but I digress).

Marcos now runs a family owned and operated Cozumel Tour Company called Best Buy Tours that prides itself in offering personal, safe, fun Cozumel Tours and Cozumel Excursions. Best Buy Tours offers affordable prices.  His company is becoming more and more popular amongst Cozumel Hotels and Cozumel Cruise Line Tourists as a result of their personal and professional service.

Best Buy Tours offers a variety of personalized Cozumel Excursions; from fishing to snorkeling with the whale sharks, to Cozumel Island Tours to mainland Mexico trips, you name it they have it! What’s nice about having someone live and operate their business on this island is that they can cater to your needs directly. Best Buy Tours looks to personally assist you to make sure that everything goes according to plan for your Cozumel day!

As I mentioned, this island is tiny…those who love it most look to provide tourist with the best experience possible. Find a local, ask them what they love about the island and let them, I  (or Marcos) share our island with you!

To put it precisely…”Local’s know best!”

**Note: Best Buy Tours Helps Support the Humane Society on the island. Donate or adopt a pet today! Marcos did…their mascots Armando & Blanquita are happy adoptees!!