Signature Dinner Service

Cozumel Chef’s Signature Dinner Service & How It Works

Cozumel Chef offers a variety of sophisticated menu options (see “Cozumel Chef’s Signature Dinners” below), suitable for both adults & children alike. Each degustation includes a first course, main entrée and dessert with the intent to entice the senses to regional Mexican cuisine infused with classic French techniques.

Our classic dinner service (appetizer | entrée | dessert) rate is $65usd per person (excludes gratuity). We do require a 2 person minimum with 10 person maximum (although feel free to inquire about larger parties as we may be able to accomodate your needs). Our dinner service includes chef services, table service, and dishwashing service. All we ask of you is to sit back and relax. You are after all on a tropical island.

Though dinner does not include wine we do offer suggested pairings which can be purchased at the local super market or through us for an additional fee. Also, ask about our “signature cocktails” and the famous guacamole “duet”.

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What People Are Saying About Cozumel Chef’s Signature Dinner Service

“What a Great Deal; If you have been to Cozumel and not met, ate, visited and become friends with Chef Emily and her gang you really have not lived. I had done a tour with her in the past but this time down not only did we do another food tour, but she also prepared and excellent dinner for us at home…She continues to amaze…” – Baytown, TX

“Gourmet Dinner in Paradise; Emily prepared and served a wonderful dinner for my friends and me in February. This was a mini college reunion on Cozumel so the addition of this gala helped to make it even more special…” – Cozumel, MX

“Working with Emily was Truly an Amazing Experience; I contacted Emily previously to our arriving in Cozumel, my wife and I were on our honeymoon…Our first night Emily came and prepared an amazing meal including Modelo braised ribs and a chocolate mousse that my wife tried to save for later (I couldn’t resist and ate it later that night!)…” – Santa Maria, CA


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