Food Tours – Playa del Carmen

Looking for a culinary adventure amongst the streets of Playa del Carmen away from the tourist district? Or perhaps you have already taken the Cozumel Food Tour and want to join the chef for some more of her secret Mexican restaurants, well you are in luck! Cozumel Chef now has two locations for Culinary Food Tours; Cozumel & Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen has a lot to offer, however it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the streets of Playa trying to find authentic Mexican Food. Playa is a melting pot of Mexican cuisines and regions. You will find traditional central Mexican food to Tex-Mex and of course the regional flavors of the Yucatán.  Mexican cuisine is full of vibrant and varied flavors. The colors and spices titillate the senses. With a blend of indigenous (Mayan/Aztec) as well as European influence (mainly Spanish), Playa del Carmen has it all! On our food tours you will get the chance to try a variety of traditional dishes, from street fare to regional cuisine and dine like a local. You will visit local street carts and traditional Mexican restaurants on this walking All-inclusive cultural  eating tour.

Savor the unique Traditional Mexican soup.     Eat like a local!     A traditional Yucatecán breakfast street taco.    *Photos contributed by past Food Tour guests.

Cozumel Chef’s Playa del Carmen Food Tour

Rate: $65 / person; includes food & transportation; 2-2.5 hours *inquire for teen/ child pricing

Time: Meet 10am Tue-Sat

  • *Try delicious Pozole, a hearty Mexican stew at a local Pozoleria, a special kind of restaurant.
  • *Visit an open-air market & learn about Mexican ingredients.
  • *Savor cochinita pibil, a favorite Yucatecán street taco.
  • *Don’t forget dessert! Cool down with the best local ice cream – never disappoints.
  • *Fresh tacos, refreshing aqua frescas & more!

“Playa to Cozumel: The Cozumel Chef Can’t be Beat! – The Cozumel Chef’s Playa del Carmen Food Tour is simply fantastic…From traditional Yucatecán cochinita pibil to handmade, artisanal ice cream, this tour satisfies the senses. Eating barbacoa tacos with locals on their way to work from one of the many push cart vendors to leisurely slurping pozole in a family-run restaurant cannot be beat…This tour is recommended for those wanting to dive further into Playa’s budding food scene, taste local Yucatecán specialties, and see more of this great city than just the pristine coastline.” – Albany, NY

“Playa Street Food – Delish – the tour…took us to places I wouldn’t visit on my own, but were simply fantastic food. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the authentic Mexican food experience here, so this was a real treat for me. My two favorite spots were at the end. First, CARNITAS! So hard to find here and it was delicious.  The second was the ice cream stand where I had the mamey (not sure about spelling) ice cream. I had to go back the next day to experience it again! On a hot day, this is a total gift from the gods. This tour is absolutely worth your time – you will not be disappointed.” – San Francisco, CA

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Customized & Private Tours

Rate: $20 fee to come up with a personalized route; price varies after that.

Time: Mon-Sat

  • The island of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen has a lot to offer! We can come up with a personalized tour based specifically on your desires. We could focus on seafood, particular festivals, seasonal based fare, etc.

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