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Josefina-10Authentic Mexican Cooking Classes in Cozumel

Welcome, bienvenido! to Josefina’s Cocina con Alama. “Alma the word for soul in Spanish is how authentic Mexican cooking begins.  Today’s Mexican kitchen is a blend of indigenous (Mayan/ Aztecan), Spanish, French, and even a bit of the Middle East finds it way into the cuisine. This collision of cooking worlds provides a vast world of ingredients that are vibrant and awaken the senses. We invite you to explore and taste the many wonders of Mexican cuisine through hands-on instruction. Join the Josefina Cooking School in her Cozumel home and kitchen for a day to learn how to make regional Yucatecan delights as well as other Mexican dishes from Josefina’s family home of C√≥rdoba, Veracruz MX.

Josefina started cooking from the small age of 11. Her knowledge of the cuisine is deep and she is dedicated to introducing the unique flavors of Mexico to you. Immerse yourself for the day and learn about chiles, sauces, herbs, beans, tingas, corn, nopales and more! The class is designed for those that want a “taste” of Mexican culture. It is set up for all ages to enjoy, yet comprehensive enough for those avid cooks looking to hone and learn new skills.

Each class begins with an introduction to the Mexican kitchen and a plan for the day’s recipes (Note: For simplicity with groups Josefina has a few select main dishes to choose from – pork, chicken & or fish – specialty dietary requests may be made, but must be provided ahead of time). Josefina’s Cooking School offers to teach you how to make REAL margaritas and/ or traditional Mexican agua frescas (flavored waters).  Following introductions, you will be taken to the local market where you will purchase needed ingredients from the vendors. This market tour is a great opportunity to snap some photos while being introduced to traditional Mexican ingredients. Back in in the kitchen, you will cook a feast suited for the Mayan gods. If you are lucky enough to be staying on the island you can take some of the leftovers to go.

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Cooking Class Details

Rates (cost of ingredients included):

Adults $80usd per person

Teens (13-17) $70usd per teen

Children (6-12) $30usd per child

Children under 6 FREE

*Please be advised that teens & children must have at least one adult participant. 

Non-student, lunch guest $30usd/ person – Please note: Lunch guests are welcome to come to the beginning of class and tour the market. Following the market tour, we kindly ask that you excuse yourselves for a couple of hours so class can be conducted and that you return around 1pm to dine on the prepared food.

Private instruction is available early evenings and/or  May through November – inquire for more details.

A note about class size: Josefina’s classes tend to run small (usually 4 to 6 people in class), however we can accommodate up to 8 students. For simplicity, if you are in a class of 8 your main dish selection for the day is the famous Yucatecan dish, Cochinita Pibil – with fish substitute if you do not eat pork. Smaller class sizes as a group can select a main dish from Josefina’s personal cookbook (available in e-book form for purchase – inquire for more details!). For those looking to cook a specific dish we recommend one-on-one private instruction. Thank you for your understanding.

Time: Meet at 11am Mon-Sat, class instruction time approx. 3 hours total (if you are a day-time cruise ship passenger visiting the island this is an ideal activity for the day with some time in the morning & afternoon to explore other parts of Cozumel.

  • *Market Tour – Visit “El Mercado”.  Meet the local vendors and learn about local ingredients. You will learn how to pick the freshest & ripest ingredients for your cooking class needs. Even get a small lesson on some Spanish vocabulary.
  • *Return to the kitchen and get 101 on Mexican cooking tools; molcajetes, how to properly use the lime press, tortilla press and the comal.
  • *Classes catered to each students needs, experience levels & dietary requests (If there are any allergies please provide that information ahead of time so appropriate substitutions can be made). Demonstration, hands-on instruction provided (for time intensive purposes with larger class sizes there will be some demonstration only portions- thank you for your understanding).
  • *Margaritas, traditional Mexican agua frescas (Jamaica & Horchata).
  • *Handmade tortillas (an expert tortilla maker can pat a tortilla paper thin by hand), traditional Mexican sauces, guacamole, side dishes & more! Bring an empty stomach as you will leave quite full by the end of the class.

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TA Local Picks

“Real Mexico Experience – ….one of the best experiences…on Cozumel…This is a class taught in home with ingredients bought at the local market and prepared by a true local and obvious maste of her craft…I left Josefina’s Cooking Schoool feeling like I really got to Mexico a little better…This goes beyond the typcial cruise ship style shore excursion…” – St. Paul, MN

“One-of-a-Kind Experience – Our family is made up of several cruise veterans and we were looking for something other than the usual boring touristy attractions that every port of call offered and we found this gem…we learned how to make the BEST Mexican food I’ve ever tasted…an amazing experience to treasure and a cookbook to enable me to relive it all and share with my friends back home.” – Wauwatosa, WI

“A Delicious  Afternoon – …one of the most unique things I’ve done on vacation…The food was out of this world and we were very proud to say that we made it!…I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to get hands-on with their vacation and experience local culture…” – Waltham, MA


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