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Cozumel Chef is your one-stop shop for all things Cozumel food related. Want to know where the best Cozumel restaurants are? Need a dining recommendation for any hour of the day? Celebrating a birthday or anniversary and looking for that special Cozumel restaurant? Well look no further as Cozumel Chef has created a detailed & comprehensive restaurant guide to Cozumel. Restaurant hours, phone numbers, websites, contributing blog posts & reviews, Cozumel Chef’s Dining Guide has it all! The guide also includes “local tips”, favorite dishes of the chef so be sure to check out the restaurants descriptions as well.

Browse the restaurant guide by clicking the button above. The guide is divided into sections/ categories to make it easy to choose your dining needs. The Cozumel Dining Directory lists Cozumel’s Fine Dining RestaurantsCasual DiningCoffee Shops, Island & Beach Fare & more! Find your Cozumel favorites; Guidos, Kinta, Buccanos & more!

Hey! To the ALL-Inclusive Resort Traveler or Cozumel Cruise Ship Passenger 

Every Cozumel restaurant has its unique specialties and varied dining ambiences, it is impossible to visit all of them in one vacation! Don’t be shy. Even though your resort may have its own delicious hotel restaurant, do not hesitate to go out for a nice dinner in town. Check out what Cozumel has to offer! Or if you are a food loving traveler who has arrived to the island with a cruise ship, don’t let your one-day visit deter you from eating well  – dine locally! Get off of the tourist mainstays and grab lunch on the “other-side” or take a the highly-rated Cozumel Food Tour! In just three-hours you can dine like a local & get a taste of Cozumel!

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More about Cozumel Dining

Dining in Cozumel is a wonderful & unique experience.  Grab a bite on the beach, snack at a local street cart and take a siesta lunch break in town in one of the many “cocina economicas” – an authentic Mexican Restaurant, a must experience for any food traveler! From traditional Yucatecán, Tex-Mex and other varieties of Mexican cuisine you will also find Asian, Mediterranean, Italian and much more on this tiny island! The island also has specialty bakeries, coffee shops with free Wifi and many bars and/or cantinas to choose from. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & anything else in between Cozumel restaurants can satisfy that craving.

And a personal note from the chef…

Cozumel Chef would be happy to provide her personal recommendations, & or contribute to your culinary experiences in Cozumel. Have the chef cook you a private meal & speak with her in person about dining in Cozumel. Get an “insiders” perspective. Want a personal guided tour of the hidden “local gems”? Book a Cozumel Food Tour with the chef! Checkout local eats, yummy treats & more.

Be sure to check out the latest in Cozumel dining from Cozumel Chef’s Restaurant Guide! Check the links frequently, as we are continually updating the guide to get you the most accurate & up to date Cozumel dining info.


*Photos courtesy of Nicolett Jakab – past food tour guest & professional photographer.

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