Cozumel Island & Beach Fare Restaurant Guide

El Sol - Real Mexican BeerBeach bummin, beer drinkin and perhaps a balloon hat or two…Cozumel of course has Island and Beach Fare dining, and yes, I must admit I partake in these dining experiences occasionally (minus the balloon hat). Cozumel is one of the largest cruise port destinations in the Caribbean. You can be sure to find the Mexican staples of Margaritaville, Senor Frogs and Carlos & Charlie’s. For tourists on island, here is a tip…avoid these places during the day as they will be swamped with cruise ship passengers. There are some off-the-beaten path restaurants that serve Caribbean styled food as well that I highly recommend. Here is my complete beach dining guide for Cozumel!

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Carretera Costera KM 18 in front of El Cedral | Mon-Sun Daily | (987) 102-3990 | | $$

Cheesy tag line “the best tail I ever had”, but Alberto’s is one of the only beach clubs that is also open for dinner. From fresh seafood to Mexican standards, Alberto’s does offer decent food and of course the beach!


Hotel Zone North, Costera Norte KM 4.5 | Mon-Sun 9am-6pm, Fri & Sat 6pm-11pm | | $$$

Buccanos is located in a beautiful beach club on the north end of the island. At this Carribean-Mexican-American restaurant you can grab a good burger, guacamole and a cerveza while looking out at the ocean. This beach club does have an entrance fee during the day. However, if you are looking for a great quiet place to snorkel without having to rent space on a boat it is worth it.


Beach club located Carretera Costera KM 14 or Restaurant & Bar located in Punta Langosta Mall on Avenida Melgar | Mon-Sun 11am-1:30am | (987) 869-1647 | | $$$

Carlos n’ Charlies has an in town restaurant as well as a beach club. We recommend the beach club as the food is not bad if you are looking for a burger and fries or even some guacamole and chips on the water and away from downtown. Prices are little high, but I guess that is the price you pay for going to a tourist beach club on the water. Also, for all you sports fans out there…if the downtown restaurant is a great place to check out the game. I have to admit I watched the super bowl here on the “big screen”. Fun times…


Carretera Costera Oriental KM 43.5 (“other side of the island”) | Mon-Sun 11am-6pm | $$$

If you are driving to the other side of the island you have to stop in! The food is ok….American-Mexican food, but what a great location! Situated on Cozumel’s only cliff over looking the ocean this is a great party atmosphere. Coconut’s has an eclectic collection of “stuff: (mainly bra’s & panties – oo la la) under their palapa, a few beach-bum dogs, roosters and such. Enjoy a jumbo Margarita that you can practically swim (careful not to drown) or just a couple of beers with some chips and guac.  Ask to see the photo album if you dare….I have yet to visit Coconuts and see some show their “coconuts”…what gives!


At the stop light of Avenida Rafael Melgar & Avenida 11 | Mon-Sat 10am-11pm | (987) 872-7206 | | $$$

Yes, I did succomb to the draw of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, though I was taking my kid brother more his scene than mine. I must say I survived (sin balloon hat) and the “Volcano” stacked nachos were pretty damn yummy. “REAL” nacho cheese (yes, the liquid cheese). Margaritaville is actually a really nice place to watch the sunset and grab a “girly Caribbean beverage”. Pricy for tourists, but for all you locals out there….there is a “Local Menu” for 150pesos or you can take the pleasure of a 20% discount on the regular menu.


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