Cozumel Coffee Shops

CafeFor many of us coffee shops become our office away from home and on vacation perhaps more so than we like. Coffee shops in Cozumel are great places where we can connect to the internet while enjoying a hot cup-o-joe or fine espresso. Cozumel has a few coffee shops, some that I frequent often to feed my caffeine addiction and to meet up with friends. Check ’em out!

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Avenida 30 at AR Salas in the plaza near Burger King | Mon-Sat 8am-11pm, Sun 9am-11pm | (987) 872-3594 | | $

This Mexican Franchise has several locations in Mexico and one in fact in Cozumel. This place is VERY popular with the locals at night and you will rarely see an empty table. They offer of course espresso and lattes, but you can pick up a sweet treat or sandwich as well. The cafe does offer Wifi, but it is timed and in order to use it you do have to make a purchase.


Calle 3 between Avenida Rafael Melgar & Avenida 5, next to Pizza Hut | Mon-Sun 8am-11pm | (987) 869-0456 | $

Our “office” away from our office as they offer free wifi and a very chill atmosphere. We just adore this local cafe. Miguel, the owner, is great guy and has recently started roasting his own coffee. He is passionate about the food and drinks he serves and it truly shows in its quality. You can get some of the best pastries here on the island, each enough for two people to share as the portions are HUGE. Want a pound of his coffee while you are in your vacation home? Just let us know and we would be happy to pick up a bag for you to purchase.


Calle 3 between Avenida Rafael Melgar & Avenida 5 |Tue-Sun 8am-11pm | (987) 878-5107 | $


Plaza Zona V on Avenida 11 between Avenida Rafael Melgar & Gonzalo Guerrero | Mon-Sun 8am-11pm | (987) 869-1428 | $


Corner of Rosado Salas & Avenida 5 |Mon-Sun 8am-10pm | $

This warmly lit cafe is new in town and we just think the two Argentinian brothers are the cutest. One brother may be familiar to you as he is also a waiter at Guidos, one of our personal favorite “Fine Dining” restaurants. Serving up NESESPRESSO, this quiet shop is a nice ending to your evening on the San Miguel Square. Wifi is also available if you so desire to  log in.


Avenida Rafael Melgar, near Mega on the waterfront | Mon-Sun 7am-10pm | (987) 872-4405 | | $

Free wifi, but 10 peso charge for electricity. See description in “Casual Dining”.


Avenida Rafael Melgar inside the Punta Langosta Shopping Center | Mon-Sun 8am-11pm | $$

Offers Starbucks standards, though the menu is in Spanish. First 15 min of Wifi free. Also, if you are in Cozumel during the holiday season they still serve those specialty lattes…tis the season.

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