El Pique “Super Tacqueria”


El Pique “Super Tacqueria”

When you think of traditional Mexican cuisine what can be better than tacos? Cozumel is strewn with taquerias of all different shapes and sizes. From street vendors to full-blown restaurants with cantinas, taquerias are on every corner like Starbucks are in New York.

Friday night has been donned as “Taco Night” where my fiancé and I try new taco places. We have tried places where tourists frequent but do they really know what tacos are all about? Who better than to trust than the local Mexicans? We may be taking a risk to eat of the beaten path, but we have yet to be disappointed with our decisions. If you think you have a weak stomach just pack the “pink milkshake” (a.k.a Pepto Bismol) to go, some of these places are a must try and should not be missed! Or, drink Horchata that is served at most taco places, as I swear this chalky, almond tasting substance is meant to settle the stomach while eating greasy food.

Though we told ourselves since we moved to Cozumel that we would try a new taco place each Friday we have been drawn to one particular taqueria, EL PIQUE.

Tacos pastor, bistec, chuleta, are some of the tacos that you will find written on the “wall menu” of this traditional taqueria. No paper menus, no silverware, no tourists. Overall signs of a good a taco joint. El Pique offers a variety of tacos. For those that are daring enough you can try tacos cebeza de res (tacos of the head). El Pique also serves the traditional tacos pastor (the meat you see on the upright spit out front of traditional taquerias). This is served with a piece of fresh pineapple, chopped onions and cilantro. When eating these tacos be sure to squirt a slice of fresh lime and garnish with table salsas to bring out the flavors.

In addition to the great tacos, El Pique has excellent fajitas de pollo. The chicken is chopped in tasty pieces, which allows for excellent caramelization of the cooking oils and salt (meaning…more flavor!!). This chicken is sautéed with onions and peppers and served with a bean soup, frijoles charros (a.k.a house specialty). Be sure to accompany your meal with a cold refreshing beverage. El Pique serves the classic Horchata and Aqua de Jamaica (a sweet juice made from hibiscus petals) or I recommend drinking one of the fine Mexican cervezas.

El Pique not only has great tacos, the service and atmosphere are excellent. The wait staff is attentive and very friendly. We even found a local gardener, as our waiter one night mentioned he also works on gardens with his lovely wife during the day. While eating your meal you can sit inside and watch fútbol on one of their TVs or if you wish for a quiet evening (although you will find most Mexicans eat at Taquerias every Friday with their families and El Pique is certainly a hit among the local Mexicans, so maybe not so quiet) you can dine in their outside jardín.

Rating:  (out of 5 toques)

Location: Avenida 30, between Benito Juarez & Calle 2 (across from San Francisco Supermarket)

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  1. Bambi says:

    Love this hidden jewel. We stay 2 weeks out of the year every year for the past 10 years and this is our favorite.


  2. emilyeegge says:

    Awesome! Have you tried Mister Taco? I have many more gems!

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